Why am I worrying about him? Should I be worried? How can I just be happy and not be so caught up on little details?

It all began slowly in February with this guy. Him and I had a past history of hanging out in college so I know him pretty well. (5 years ago) We started talking in February again which progressed to going on dates to talking daily and now most recently exclusively dating each other.

We talked the other weekend about dating etc and he said that he wants to progress slowly because he has been single so long and that he wants to do this in baby steps. He tells me that he is not seeing/talking to any other girls and that he is happy where this is headed. Well that should be enough for any other girl to hear right? For me I still feel uneasy.

I have developed really strong feelings for him since we do have that past history together. I'm just worried about losing him. For example, I was worried yesterday because I didn't hear too much from him after having an awesome weekend with him. We ended up talking for 35 minutes on the phone last night and then I felt better. (He has no idea that I'm so worried and I don't know what will make me feel better.)

He talks to me about future plans for later in the summer, plans for next year together and so on. Everything indicates that it is headed in the right direction but for whatever reason I get worried. Also I noticed he frequently snap chats this other girl who is one of his best friends on there. Just little stuff. I never say anything to him about it because I know it is rediculous.

How can I just be happy in the moment and not over think all of it? Do any other girls feel like this when you are in a new dating situation?


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  • you are classically over thinking all of this lol. yes it is hard to not have that fear of him leaving you, but it really does sound like he is legit and you have nothing to worry about.

    i still feel like this sometimes and i've been with my boyfriend for 7 months. i know its crazy and not rational, but i still think it.

    • Well at least you can relate. Have you found any ways to make yourself not over think things nearly as much or be as worried?

    • nope! haha i can only keep telling myself that my boyfriend loves me and that what i'm thinking is crazy- thats the only thing that keeps me from pouring out my fears to him every day lol

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  • Same situation here. Sucks to be a crazy girl, doesn't it?

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