When does dating progress into a relationship? How does a guy decide that he is ready to take the next step?

Say you've been hanging out with a girl for 4 months and everything is going great.

You have the exclusive dating talk and are exclusive with the girl. (talk happened 2 weeks ago)

He has been single for 5 years just doing his own thing so he says he wants to progress slowly.

We pretty much act like a couple minus going to family gatherings together. We've met each others parents already too.

At what point does a guy know he wants to take the next step of a relationship?

Is there anything I could do to speed up the process or do I just need to be patient with him?


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  • I mean, if you've already discussed that you're exclusive, that's pretty much the next stage of the relationship? I'm not sure what you're expecting.

    • I guess just that we refer to each other as boyfriend/girlfriend etc. We haven't been in a situation yet where that has come up. Also to maybe make it known on Facebook at to our extended friends that we are serious now. (everyone knew we had been talking/seeing each other for awhile)

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    • I did tell him on Saturday night that I pretty much see him as my boyfriend already because of how we act. I said that if we made things officially official that I wouldn't expect anything to be changed other than having a title. He responded saying that he was happy and that he is only talking to me and no other girls.

    • Well then see? There's your answer. He's ok with it, too.

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  • maybe he just wants to see how you react to how you two do things before you two go to the next step

    • I do feel like he is "testing" me to a certain extent. He said he just wants to make sure that I am happy with him etc. But how long until the testing period is up? lol

    • well how much do you love him if you love him a lot then tell him you want to go to next level and go make love to him

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