How do you know if you love someone or not?

I have been in a relationship for two years, yet i never call him, he always texts me first. we used to see each other twice a week now its like twice a month, even though when he can see me he does try.
Thing is i check his Facebook and know his passwords ( because he put them on there for me) so its too tempting, but i kind of check to see whether he would cheat so that i would break up with him. Its like im waiting for an excuse.

I dont know whether i love him why would i be with him for two years.
Whenever i say i love him its because he said it first, and i have to say it not becuse i want to...
and i dont know how to put this to him.


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  • Picture your life without him now. How does it feel?

    Picture your future (as a wife, maybe with kids). Is he there beside you?


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  • Sounds like you're bored and you were never really that into him. I'm shocked you wasted 2 years on it. Just end it.


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  • Some reasons 1) desperate 2) lonely 3) bored 4) want to be loved/like the attention
    If you love someone you don't question "how do you know...blahblah"

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