Why can't he just be serious with me instead of telling a lie?

I had told this dude that I had like for a very long time. But I know that he won't start some thing serious with me. All he wants to be friends with me and I don't have time to waste. So I had ask what can you do for me and he replied nothing. Which I thought it was wrong because he was trying to play games and I don't do games. Am I wrong for that were I should speak to him?


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  • I don't really get it. you asked him what he can do for you and he said nothing. I'm not sure where the lie is.

    it sounds like this guy doesn't have any interest in a romantic relationship so when you press the issue he just answers rather short and bluntly. I think if you can't be JUST friends with him you probably just need to create some distance because otherwise you are going to be frustrated


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