Do guys pull away only if they lose interest, or there could be some other reason?

So. I met this guy online and we started dating a month ago.
I really like him, he seems to like me, and we have a lot in common.

Since we started dating we had to travel more than once, 'cause of holidays we booked before we met, so we have technically been only on three dates, even tho we've been talking online almost everyday.

I should probably mention that we got *intimate* pretty soon (yeah, I know what you may say, but we're consenting adults).

Now. At the moment he's away for a holiday at his parents', and before he left we've spent a whole day together. Everything was perfect, we laughed, cuddled, talked, etc. etc.

I wrote to him on FB three days after he left asking him how are things going and saying that I wish he's having fun. I must admitt I also wrote him that I would like to say that I don't miss him but that it would be a lie...
Anyway, he read the message but never replayed. He's still on vacation, but I saw him online more than once.

So my question is: did he just lost interest out of the blue? He's he pulling away 'cause he doesn't want me anymore or for some unknown reason?

The last day I saw him we made plans for when he's coming back, so what's changed?


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  • He may have been using you. Only time will tell, but don't make the same mistake again. Men do this ALL the time.


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