Help...Im so confused! I dont want to be in a relationship thats going no where?

My boyfriend has being saying he's gonna propose to me for the last year and a half and he still hasn't asked. Is he just giving me the run around or is he really serious. I feel like if he really wanted to ask me he wouldve done it already.


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  • Don't expect too much so you won't be disappointed if things aren't going the way you expected to be. Don't overanalyze of him giving you the run around or him being serious or not.
    How long are you in relt'p with him? Do you really know him well?
    Proposal might be a serious thing for him and you don't know what he's thinking, could be he realize he's not ready yet or he changed his mind or could be he will surprise you one day.
    Don't rush him, never rush yourself to get proposed, give him space and time to do what he wants to do and to yourself as well. Stay cool, and stay the way you are, don't worry or get mad or be upset.

    If you don't want to be in relt'p thats going nowhere, talk to him about it. But again, never rush him to get propose with you or else he will get pressured, scared and might runaway.