How can I keep my fears in check?

so the story goes that I am falling for the guy im seeing, he is falling for me. He has told me that he loves me. The problem I have is that I drive myself crazy about his ex as in is she really his ex? I thinking about cutting ties and just disappearing from his life all the time. I have a messed up dating history and have been hurt a whole lot. I am scared and that fear makes me over think like crazy. So how the heck can I chill out and just stop the crazy and just enjoy the moments that we have right here and right now. Guys and gals I know I'm being crazy here so no need to tell me that. If there are any helpful suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


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  • Your not crazy I'm queen of over thinking things and its really hard to over come that. It seriously took me going to counseling and depression medication to get everything in check. You just really need to think about things before you make a big deal out of it. And if you really aren't sure about things just talk to him! And don't make it about him make it about HOW YOU FEEL. Don't pinpoint blame on him it could be he's not doing anything wrong and YOU just FEEL like he is. I had to seriously learn to let go of jealousy I mean I get really jealous but I just bite my tongue now. I've had my friends be like how do you stay so calm? But inside I'm going crazy. If you are concerned about his ex best thing to do is communicate about it. but if she's an ex then I don't see why she should be in his life. I mean some people are ok with being friends with their exes but it also poses the question your asking is she really just an ex or is there some unsettled feelings.


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