What makes women continue to being promiscuous and also settle for cheating men?

After all the promiscuity they get married with cheaters and now have to do deal with other promiscuous women.It seems that every year it keeps on getting worst.


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  • A bad relationship with the father. A father who does not love his daughter will seek the love she misses in other men, many different men.

  • Women don't "settle" for cheating men. If a man is cheating, it means he has options, and is desired by other women. The fact that a man is wanted by other women makes women like him more.

    Meanwhile, male sexuality operates independently of this social influence. Other males' opinion of a girl has little influence on what a guy thinks of that girl.

    This has been scientifically shown in multiple studies. Here's one:

    • Yup your one of those guys that keeps on saying all men cheat. I'm good I don't need to read that garbage. Only clowns juggle women and I guess your It.

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