GIRLS: To what extent should I be analyzing the content of text/Facebook conversations?

Was having a conversation with a girl I was pretty sure liked me... she said something, and I gave her a funny/sarcastic reply... she says "haha oh whatever :P", I reply "I'm serious" she says, "I can smell the sarcasm" and I say "haha it's the product of a long day at work". She saw that message and didn't say anything back... something like that will send me from being in a good mood to thinking "oh jeez, does that mean she doesn't like me? Wouldn't she want to carry the conversation?'. Am I over-thinking?

Also, if we are exchanging lots of smiley faces in our texts, it feels really 'good' to me and puts me in a good mood and makes me feel like she likes me but if she doesn't, I spiral into negative thinking. what do you think?


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  • She likes you...alot... BUT i think she got a little turn off or disappointed (if she's being funny/cool but SERIOUS) when she said she can smell the sarcasm and you replied of kinda confirming it, so she got confused if you are really serious when you said "i'm serious" or really sarcastic. she might even think you're just playing around.

    If she's just being friendly, don't over analyze it, she just wants cool conversation with you and she just got speechless or maybe got busy and doesn't prioritize your conversation so don't put too much meaning on it. Seems like you both are just playing with each other being funny/cool in your own ways :)


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  • Never analyze texts. You can't know for certain unless you either ask point blank, or talk via phone or in person.

    Rules to live by!


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