Should I see other people or wait for him?

Should I see other people even though I am in a friends with benefits situation? I really like my fwb, but he doesn't want a relationship. I don't want to hurt him and ruin things if there is anything that could be. The only guys I know are his friends, so what should I do? He's been hurt in the past.


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  • If he said he doesn't want a relationship, you should respect that. But if you really have feelings for him, you should find out how he was hurt in the past and make sure that knows you are there for him. NOT just for sex.

    • I wish I could bit he has such a barrier up, it seems impenetrable. But I don't want to give up on my feelings. We have a chemistry between us that is unexplainable, but when it comes to communication we are at a dead end. And I do t understand why.

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    • You said it seems almost impenetrable, that is where you went wrong. Be there for him in everything, be the one that when he has good news the first one he would want to tell is you. Tings like this will not happen in a week or month, i am talking months and months and months.

    • Yes I know in our case it's been years. It's just that I'm usually not a shy girl, I usually have no problem speaking what I want, but with him it's different. With him, I feel like I need to be careful, extra cautious, besides that he makes me so nervous inside.

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  • Don't wait. When he says he doesn't want a relationship, he means it. You'll just be hurting yourself if you wait for him to change his mind.