I'm 19 and haven't had a relationship. How do I express that I want one to my crush? I'm always thinking about emotional/physical needs/urges. Weird?

I crave emotional and physical relations with my crush. I've never been kissed or held hands, but all I think about is him and kissing/sex/getting to know him. I'm lonely in a sense, although I don't feel like i NEED a guy. I just crave someone, this boy in particular. We don't see each other much.

How do i convey i want him to ask me out?
Is it weird to crave emotional/physical relationship with someone this much? Is it weird I haven't been kissed yet, even though i'm pretty and kind, just shy?

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  • First of all it's not weird to want a emotional/physical relationship with someone. It would be weird if you didn't want one. Your not slow either. Shy doesn't mean slow or weird. Some shy people have great colorful personalities. Your also not slow or weird for never kissing or holding hands with someone. Your just a late bloomer, but that's ok.

    I'd say just tell him how you feel about him. I know that's not going to be easy, but why hold your feelings for him in? If you want him go get him. You can do it. :)


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  • You seem similar to me I've never dated anyone or done anything more than a hug