I'm interested in him but his friend likes me...?

I met this guy last week who's friends with my friend's friend and he seemed really sweet and we all hung out as a group. Then today, I was supposed to meet up with my friend to practice our theatre but she was hanging out with him and the other guys we're friends with. So he called on her phone to tell me where they were but I didn't know it was him since he playfully changed his voice, and when I entered the room he told me he volunteered to call me, and then we were talking and joking around until I had to go to theatre but we were all going to go to get something to eat after. And his friend was like "I'll have your friend text me since I don't have your number" and I'm like "Oh yeah none of you have my number." and then the guy I like was like "Yeah, I don't have it." and I'm like "Do you want it?" and he said "yeah, sure" shyly. And then he texted me like the minute I left and he texted me all through theatre, and was talking about teaching me how to skateboard. And then I went to go meet up with him and the other guys and my friend completely ditched me along the way to meet up with them at school library and drove over herself when I called her, so I asked my crush for a ride and he said "Yes, of course." And while we were walking out to his car he was showing me tricks on his skateboard. And then when we got in his car he helped me with the seatbelt since it's kinda weird and his arm brushed up against my stomach area when he reached over me to get half of the seatbelt. And then he held the door open for me to the restaurant. Also, while we were all in a group I was sitting with the girls and he was sitting a little bit farther with some of the guys, he kept glancing at me smiling and then he was talking to one of his friends and then they both looked over at me smiling. And his friend asked how long are we all staying and I said I had to leave and 7 and then my crush said "I'll stay until 7 then" Then when he left he highfived all the other guys

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and asked me for a hug. Then I texted him tonight and thanked him for the ride and said it was very sweet of him and he put "yeah it was no problem hahaha :p" Does he seem like he's interested in me?
And his friend actually likes me, but I barely knew his friend until today so I kinda wonder if their other friends might have told him that their friend likes me :/ Like bro-code or something..


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  • IT never occurs to me that his friend like you and moreover he seems to be intrested in you..


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  • well, if he high-fived his friends, then i'd say you're in the clear. he definitely likes you though.