Would you date someone who you weren't that interested in?

I met a guy, he was attractive, my friend really liked him but he was interested in me. Anyway he asked for my number and I gave it to him because, I thought well why not? But as we've been talking, he's really looking for a serious relationship, whereas I've just got out of a serious 3 year relationship and just want someone to hang out with and have fun for the time being (I'm 20, he's 28). He keeps nagging about meeting even though I told him I will let him know when I'm free, he still continuously texts to arrange dates etc (I've got a hectic life right now!). He's nice etc bit I'm just not feeling the spark, attraction, chemistry. Should I date him?


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  • I could say try a date. It can't hurt. Maybe you will feel chemistry. If you don't, however, don't lead him on. Let him know that you think he's a great guy but it just isn't going to work for you two with a relationship. It will hurt, but he will move on.

  • I did :(

    He asked me to be his girlfriend about 5 or more times apparantely in front of my friends in class(at our table), and I didn't hear him the first few times to make things worse...and I said yeah. I just couldn't say no ..he had the whole puppy face going on and he was so happy. I broke up with him the next day, well I got my friend to do it and he was so hurt he told her we never dated. This was a while back, now I get to job done myself lol

    :( I felt bad.