Am I her rebound? Could it go anywhere?

Met a girl through mutual friends, she has a boyfriend of 2 years. He ended it 2 months or so ago via social media. She cuts contact, as far as I know.

Past few weeks we've gotten to know each other a bit. Kissed, exchanged numbers, arranged a date.

One of out mutual friends likes me and this girl I like said we shouldn't mention that we'd kissed as to not upset our friend. I was a bit unsure but agreed. I then find out she confronted our friend and told her.

She's also asked me about my ex, thinking my breakup was recent. She's never mentioned her breakup.

I've asked this before, but I really want opinions. Do I sound like her rebound? Am I wasting my time on her or could it go somewhere? Would 2 months be enough for her to be over her ex?

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Well, when I say she confronted our friend, I mean she spoke to the other girl to tell her what was going and to make sure she was okay about it all, and wasn't upset etc.


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  • Being her break up is still relatively Fresh, she most likely isn't completely over him, but if she isn't talking about him, she is Trying. And she Did tell the Other one about 'the kiss', so she must care about you, and doesn't want Her putting her digs into you. That's actually My reasoning behind That. That's a good sign, but I don't know how you feel about it.
    Go slow with her, do not rush into anything. She is slowly showing you she likes you, so being everything needs to be nursed and nurtured, it's too soon to get into anything heavy.
    You say you have had a break up as well. Both of you need to take things easy.
    Good luck.xx


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  • You can't get over someone you genuinely loved that you were with for 2 years, in 2 months and be dating someone else. If she said she never loved him, then maybe it's possible but I think she loved him so I'd say you're a rebound and if her ex asked for her back, she'd go back in a heartbeat.


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  • Sounds like this lioness is scaring her challengers Away to me:p
    She must like you.