How to make him fall for me and show it?

I met someone online or he kinda sent me a message that he want to know me more for a serious relation.. 1st I didn't really care about him but then I said why not lets gave it a try and see what'll happened.. I haven't met him yet he is kinda busy and I didn't ask honestly because I didn't want the 1st move from me.. He barely talk usually all the talk is hi how you doing? .. So I asked if he is sure interested in knowing me he said yes sure but I'm busy with my work and I'll promise you we'll know each other soon very soon.. So I kinda wait but I don't know I don't want to look naggy!! Or keep asking questions and look desperate and in the same time I want him to show me that he is really interested and care about me.. So what to do?

And it's been a week


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  • lol can't talk? This is a dud. Next! :)

    • He talks but within the same subjects

    • I don't like people who are a chore to talk to. It should be delightful :)

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  • Maybe he's just shy. If so, then he finds it difficult to take initiative. Then you should do it for him, because else you could wait a very long time. If you meet someone online, there is a chance that he is indeed shy.
    If he is not, you should wait, since you don't know eachother for a very long time. Maybe he'll eventually send you a message. It could be that he really is just busy.