He Hasn't Seen Me in Months...Shouldn't he be Acting Different?

I'm "talking" to this guy I've been friends with for years and he goes to school out of town so we haven't done the official dating thing. He came home last night for an event and I went to support him which was our first time seeing each other in months. After the event he basically chose to go out drinking with friends instead of hanging with me. Which is fine normally but you'd think if I'm special to him, he'd make plans to hang with me first after all this time. He did the same thing months ago when I went to support him at the last event which was the last time i saw him. Am I wrong for that?


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  • I don't think you are wrong in feeling that way.. But flip side he is also probably not used to having you there. I do that myself like I forget to tell my boyfriend that I had plans for this day or that when he's here and I don't drop what I'm doing. Need to get better at that

    • Thanks! Yeah I'm trying not to take it personally but it constantly seems like he pushes me aside for more important things. And he also goes days without talking to me.

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    • Yeah...apparently I'm just being "insecure"

    • Ugh men annoy me sometimes? So I'm taking it he just says your insecure then drops and doesn't do or try anything to make you feel more secure? You might want to rethink what your wanting