How do I give this guy a chance without leading him on?

I'm one of those girls who's never been in a serious relationship. I've never been approached by a guy (the few times I have gone out, I was the one who approached/asked out the guy).

There's a friend of a friend who is talking to me more. One week in April he asked if we could "hang out" (not sure if that means date or just friendly thing) and I honestly couldn't hang out because I was working and super busy with school, so I told him maybe another week and he never mentioned it again.

Now he's starting to text me a lot (like all day) and invited me to a bonfire over the weekend. I think that he's interested in me, although it is possible that he's just trying to be my friend. But anyway, if he does make a move on me or ask me out, I'm not sure how to handle it. He's a friendly guy and actually really handsome, but I don't feel sexually attracted to him at this moment. If he asks me out, I want to give him a chance because I might end up falling for him and he is a really nice guy. But if I say yes and go out with him, but then realize I don't like him in that way, I don't know if this would hurt more? Should I say something like "I'm not sure how I'm feeling but I'm willing to give it a shot" or just not say anything and see what happens?

I'm probably over thinking this whole thing, I just don't want anyting to be awkward between us if I go out with him but decide I definitely don't want to be more than friends.


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  • IT's one date. Not a marriage proposal. If you're at least interested in a romantic date, then go. You go on the date, then if you're not feeling it tell him that you didn't feel any chemistry.

    • thanks... I think I'm over thinking it because we're friends and we have mutual friends. I don't want there to be any hard feelings. But thanks, I'll see what happens.

    • Well as long as you're open and honest with him. You can never prevent someone else's feelings from being hurt. Their feelings are their responsibility. You can be honest with people and keep their egos in tact at the same time.

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