Is he starting to develop feelings for me?

I'm 23, he's 31. We've been talking for 3 months, for the last to months contact has been every single day, whatsapps, calls and videocalls. On the second month we went out 2 times, but in the past month we have seen each other more! This week he told me he was gonna go for the weekend on vacation, so that he wanted to see me before he leaves. So he came to my house and we watch movies, and then the next day he inivted me to eat, and after wanted me to hang out with him, but I couldn't, he wanted to see me that night too.

We also were on the phone and suddenly he said "pick a tv series that you'd like to watch and let's have a day of the week to watch it" and later on he said something like this "I would like to go on a trip and camping with you".

So is he starting to develop feelings for me? We both have said we don't want a relationship. And I know he wants sex, and I do too, but he respects me that I won't do it, or at least without a commitment.

He cares about me and worries about me, I know for sure. He listens and remembers things I've said, he makes eye contact, hugs me and hates when I'm on my cell and when I get a lot of txts. I got invited to a graduation, and he got jealous.
He has opened to me in every aspect of his life, family, work, himself, his feelings, his thoughts, etc. We are very attracted to each other and there's a lot of chemistry too, because we are too much alike


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  • These are indeed signs that he MAY be developing feelings towards you, but it could also mean that he just feels very comfortable with you a friend. I'd wait for stronger signs if I were in your shoes.

    • Which stronger signs?

    • After seeing your updates, I certainly feel that both of you do have feelings for each other. But I can't understand the reason why you're both suppressing the need to be in a relationship. Is it due to the seemingly large age gap? I firmly believe that age is just a number, though. Anyway, instead of speculating, it would be better if the two of you just have a serious heart-to-heart talk about this, and then arrive at a decision which would benefit both of you. Good luck! :)

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  • he definitely likes you but may be a bit possessive, insecure and jealous if he gets mad when you get invited to do activities that don't include him. be careful.


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  • Uhh yea no guy will spend that much time with a girl unless he really likes you