Should I give this guy a second chance?

I went on a couple dates with a guy I met on a weekend at home and had a great time. We got along really well and he seemed into me. After that, I had to go back to college 3 hours away. We kept in contact until my winter break. During break, we kept trying to hangout but he was being flaky. When we finally did, he was late and it seemed that he had forgotten. I had kind of an attitude on that date because I was annoyed with his behavior. I texted him a week later to see if we could make up for it, and he said "I'm actually going to be out of town. And super busy for the rest of break." I was hurt by the curtness of that text, so I wished him well and that was that.
He started sending me a few snapchats when I was back at school but I didn't answer them. I'm back home and he just texted me "hey, what's up?".
Should I answer?


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  • If you're still interested in him then yeah go and answer but let him know, or give him some kind of hint that you will not be treated like before.

    • His behavior obviously made you angry and it won't be worth it if he is going to continue that pattern.

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    • I took your advice and it worked, thanks!

    • Glad to hear that! congrats:) and good luck!

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