Is this girl stringing me along?

We kissed a couple of weeks ago during a party. And have been chatting daily.

I have asked her it would be fun if she'd come to the party on wednesday, but she said she didn't feel like it.

Since then she liked my new Facebook profile picture.

So during another whatsapp convo she stops replying (even though she has been online since).

So I said "I'm probably distracting you from your studies. Good luck learning! x".
No reponse.

Hadn't heard from her for two days. And then all of a sudden she texts me DURING the party at 02:00AM
"how's the party?"

I dont know what to think of this, is she trying to string me along?
If she had actually liked me she would have come to the party right?

In fact a friend of hers whom I talked to at the party told me she went to the movies instead of the party that night.

I haven't replied yet.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Sounds like games to me, and I wouldn't reply

    • No way to attract her then huh?

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    • Games. Why not give you an answer, when you asked her to go to the party. Stringing someone along is a game

    • Thanks for MH

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  • She replies at 2am? You're the booty call. Move on, not worth the drama ;)

    • I think that was after her movie ended.

    • 2am phone call? Where and why couldn't she call before the night was over? Just my

  • It is too early to need to talk to her more


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