Will you answer my question? Please?

I only got 1 answer for my question, and I need help. i really would like some advice. Isn't this what this website for, to help the other gender? I do not have enough redeemable points to feature this question, so please answer it? www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1031708-i-wanted-to-send-a-girl-a-message


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  • Nothing ventured nothing gained.
    Just message her. :)

    • I decided not to. All the women in the past has destroyed my confidence!

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    • Its better then being treated as I don't matter!

    • If you're happy with the decision great.

  • Message her whats the worst that can happen she dont answer u just say hi how have u been

    • Because if she doesn't respond then it will be just another disappointment. And she would be just like every other girl. You know you can tell when a person like you? No girl has ever liked me! I am always the guy they want to avoid!

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    • I've had my share of bullies, and women laughing at me watching me get tormented! I've been told so many times that I am ugly and that I'm crazy to think any girl would date me. I have gotten out of my shell many times and attempted to meet girls, but I was either rejected harshly or was rejected as I don't matter. I kind of had enough of it. I always get this false sense if hope and I need to stop it!

    • Ok if thats how u feel

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