Does this guy like me? I'm confused?

So I met this guy like two months ago and I'm not sure if we are dating or what. We both have kids and are divorced and recently decided that they should meet each other. They get along great and he's amazing with my boys. He's invited us to come with him to the beach for the day and to come over his house for the day for the pool and cooked us dinner. He's stayed at my place several times too and I've cooked dinner for him. He talks to me about his ex wife and his childhood and pretty much everything. He can talk to me for hours about anything and everything. He says we are bonding. He has called me his girlfriend before joking around but hasn't said it again since. He told me he hasn't had sex with anyone else since me. Sometimes he will tease me about things or pick on me in a harmless way. He's always making me laugh. We have a lot of fun whenever we are together. We talk everyday but it seems like I'm the only one who calls or texts him anymore. One of the issues that I have is that he complains a lot about his ex. And he even wants to show my their texts and stuff. Apparently she's jealous of me already and wants him back pretty badly. I'm not sure if our relationship is heading anywhere because I don't think he's over his ex or wants what I want. When I try to bring it up he just says he doesn't want to talk about he's feelings and he thinks we are progressing and spending more time together... But I so like him a lot and would like it too.


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  • Just tell him that you don't like to talk about the past, especially the exes. He'll understand and he'll be happier without his ex.


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