Girls: Rate me please on a scale of 1 to 10!?

Rate me please on a scale of 1-10 any suggestions on how I could improve?


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  • You're a cutie my dear :) cheer up, you look like you are sad or upset by something. Remember sometimes things seem to weigh heavier on us in the moment, some good sleep and a fresh morning can make a world of a difference (no matter whats upsetting you).

    • Points taken, i am getting mixed signals from my crush at the moment and was just wondering if i was painfully ugly or something lol

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    • The problem is i am the shy one. I am crushing on an acquaintance (our parents know each other). I don't often get to bump into her but the three/four times I have i go all shy and clam up bad. I think its come off as rudeness/disinterest :-(

    • The best thing it do (if you can) is kinda forget that you are trying to pursue her when you talk to her. So try and just speak to as you would any other friend. Speak about a common interest is always a good place to start because you get distract and excited to talk about a bobbie or interest you are passionate about that you kinda lose focus on the fact you are trying to "pursue" or capture someones interest in you. Then the other person gets to go home and reflect on their day and think.. hmmm i really enjoyed talking to him, he really sweet and easy to chit chat with... i'd enjoy he's company again... then you've established a desire for at the very least a greater friendship that can possibly lead to more :)

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