Should I outright ask a guy if he wants to continue to talk to me, or not?

I've been talking to a guy from Christian Mingle for a little over a week and a half. We've talked almost every day since we first started talking. However, he has yet to call me on the phone, or ask me out on a date. All of our conversations have been through Christian Mingle or text. I tried to get him to FaceTime me and he said that it was awkward doing that. The past couple of days I've felt like he hasn't been that interested in me. Should I ask him outright if he wants to continue to talk or what? Thanks!


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  • Being there are so many More Caring Christians on this dating site, don't set your sights on One who may Not be Into a 'date mate.'
    If he is procrastinating about 'Face Time,' and has not even even picked up the phone to call, let alone Ask you out, he May be 'Christian Mingling' with Another Or Others, taking his sweet time in deciding who he wants for his angel.
    I don't think you will even find it necessary to have to stoop to that level on these dating sites to 'ask him outright.' If he doesn't seem Into you, just Don't bother Continuing Any sort of Convo, and he will get the hint and move on himself. If he still is hanging in there, then just come out and ask if he Could give you a call so you both could chit chat? Take it from there.
    Good luck.xx

    • I asked him if everything was okay because he hadn't been very talkative lately, and did he not want to talk anymore. He said that he had just been busy. I said okay, I was just wondering. I haven't heard from him since that night (almost 2 weeks ago). I figured he found somebody better to talk to.

    • I don't know about 'better,' but this little devil is probably just enjoying himself flitting from one to another, putting his head in the clouds...I hope you find someone more deserving for yourself.xx

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  • That's a tricky situation. I'd be direct about it - though perhaps ask it in a way which doesn't seem like an ultimatum.

    You might phrase the question, "I'd really like to talk to you over the phone, it'll help me get to know you which is important to me, would you mind calling me?" - that way, if he rejects it, you know the relationship wouldn't go any further!


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