He seemed interested on our date, but texts back a day later? Not interested?

He asked me out, so we went out on a date. He was very nice, talkative, and excited. He listened to everything I said, brought up some follow up questions throughout the date and touched me here and there. Even put his arm around me. He extended the date so much that he was almost late to work, so I figured that he liked me! He even texted me after dropping me off. But when we text now, he responds several hours, even a whole day later. It's really confusing to me because I see that he goes on Facebook, but waits to text me back. When he does reply, he's engaging and trying to make conversation but I feel like he's playing a game? Or maybe not all that into me and just replying when he's bored? I thought he liked me but I'm not sure why he's acting this way. Any ideas? I don't date often. Thank you!


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  • Some people aren't good texters.

    Otherwise, he might be trying to avoid seeming over-keen and is clearly missing the right balance.

    Don't read into it too much!


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