Guy I have been dating for 3 months broke off his LDR which lived in another country. Should I act differently?

The guy also happens to be my ex. We dated in high school. We are both divorced now and we started talking about 3 months ago. When we 1st started talking he told me he was in a LDR with a girl in another country for over a year. He told me he was having doubts about the relationship because every time he asked her when she was going to make the move to the states she would change the subject or tell him that they would cross that bridge when they got there.

I still started dating him just to see if there was any chemistry between us considering we had not dated in over 20 yrs. We got along really well and things have progressed beautifully in the last 3 months. Lately it had really been bothering me that he still had not broken things off with his LDR even though they had cooled down significantly.

This weekend I finally told him that I needed to know where the relationship was headed. He didn't address it right away but became distant for about 4 days. Later he told me he had finally done it but gave me no details and told me he did not want to talk about it. He sounded upset/hurt at first and I was concerned. But then we spent the long weekend on the beach (mini vacation we already had planned) and everything was great and he was more affectionate than ever.

Since his ex was never around I never felt like the other women & we never had to hide our relationship. He has felt like my bf from day 1. Now that I know his LDR is over should I expect any changes or should I act any different?


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  • His LDR is either
    NOT over (= he wants you for sex or nearby GF) or
    it never existed (+ used to keep gals at bay like a fake wedding ring)
    ergo the mystery & not talking about it = can't be tripped up in a lie someday

    How to act?
    I vote to damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead to fun and maybe all things will work out for the best. Even if there's more to the ex or LDR, how could they compete?

    • It is so funny that I never once considered the 2 points you brought up...that he either really didn't end his LDR or never had one to begin with. LOL

      Thank you for the advice. I am having a lot of with him and I am just going to put that LDR in the past and see how things go. :)

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