Met a girl at a party and now were texting (it's been a few days now) and I really do like her.?

Hey, so this girl says she's shy but she is definitely my type. We danced at a party and we got really close when we danced. I got hard and she kept pressing her crotch up against me. I got her number a day later and we've been texting (usually at night). I am the one who engages the conversation. I have no interest in sex yet. I want to actually get to know her first because we like similar things. One being her interest in archery and another being our shared music tastes. Anyways, how should I go about this relationship. Summer is almost here and I would like to spend some time with her. I am 16 and about to drive and work. She also seems to have a somewhat busy schedual. I want to show her that we can have a good relationship together without coming off too strong and too early. I'm also really outgoing and affectionate because the way my parents taught me to be.

Please Help, Thanks :)


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  • if you feel that she is appropriate for you then go for it dude


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