Are "feelings" and physical attraction the same thing?

If a guy is physically attracted to you, does it mean he has feelings for you? And if he says he has feelings for you, does that just mean he's physically attracted to you or is it more than that?


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  • If he just says he's physically attracted to you then he probably wants nothing else from you other than sex or something physical. Usually that would come from someone looking to just hook up.

    If he says he has feeling for you then that means he's physically and emotionally attracted to you. That would have to come from someone you've known a while or someone who genuinely wants to know you more.

    • We've known each other for years and have been booking up for almost as long. Lots of on and off and fighting but never dating. I recently asked him if he had feelings for me and he said "of course I have feelings for you. Wtf?" But then went on to say "I'm obviously physically attracted you. But I think we have different definitions for 'feelings.' I knew I wasn't going to date anyone until I got to grad school because I knew I was going to be moving. So I tried to never think of this as more than it was. So I never calculated whether or not I could date you. But of course I have feelings for you." So I'm confused

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  • No, physical attraction usually comes first before you generate feelings for someone, because we are introduced by physical attraction. The feelings will be generated as you get to know that person, x

  • Nope, they're not the same at all.

    Having romantic feelings for someone necessitates attraction to them, whereas the inverse is not always true.


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  • No it is not the same thing.

    Physical attraction is simply physical attraction you're nothing more than a notch in his belt.

    However physical attraction is a kind of feeling and goes under that category.

    As long as he has more than that feeling for you he actually he's into you.

    • But keep in mind a guy will tell you what you wanna hear to get what he wants from you.

      Not all mean what they say.

    • He admitted to having feelings but lumped his physical attraction to me in that category, so I got confused. Usually if a dude just thinks I'm hot, he'd never tell me he has feelings for me. He'd just make superficial comments and stuff like that. So yeah, I just got confused by his answer

  • Heck no! You can be attracted to someone and have no feelings for them. You can even have a crush without having real feelings. At least that's how I see it.
    I know I have feelings for a guy when I really care for him and want to be with him.

    • Will you read the comment I left for one of the guys answers and tell me your opinion?

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    • Thank you! Let me know if I can answer any of your questions

    • You're welcome!!

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