Is he actually interested in me?

Recently met this guy. We went to a concert, danced and had a really great time. We talked a bit after the concert. Anyways, I texted him about a week later and was like hey we should do something soon and he agreed and we ended up hanging out at a coffee place a few nights later. When I got there he gave me a hug and we talked about a ton of things. Religion, music, family, etc. It seemed like we were really getting along and are pretty similar. We talked about music for a long time and pretty much bonded over that. At one point when we were sitting on a couch at the place, our legs were touching and at first he seemed a bit nervous or something but then they just kept touching for a long time. It was really easy to talk to him and I was completely myself for the first time with a guy. I am really liking him. I mentioned how I'm weird and he said that weird is good and that he likes weird. After, we walked outside. It wasn't just lame questions and answers like every other date kind of thing which was nice. Eventually we listened to music together in his car cause he wanted to show me some songs. He hugged me before I left and he said that we should play music together at some point. In a way I kind of was expecting him to kiss me but that didn't happen. Is this just a sign that he is respectful? He kinda seemed a bit nervous around me at some points during the night. Also does it seem like he's interested? In general I thought the entire night went very well and I definitely felt a connection for sure.


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  • It seems like he's interested since he can talk to you for so long and will spend the time with you. Not every guy moves that fast. You've just been out twice? Maybe he is not sure if you like him. Try to give him some hints.

    • Yeah! I mean I texted him today saying happy birthday since its his birthday..and I mentioned that I've been listening to a song he showed me on repeat..but I'm guessing those aren't good hints? lol I suck at giving guys hints so...

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    • very true. lol he did! He said "Hey!! Thank you :)" then he said asked me something about a song.. so i'm guessing thats good..

    • So far so good!