Meet a girl Saturday night, text her Sunday... Then what?

Guys, say you meet a girl on Saturday night - party, bar, club, whatever - and spend a good amount of time texting her Sunday. What's next? Do you want her to text next? Or what keeps you from pursuing further than Sunday?

I've had the happen to me a lot, my girl friends too. Is it something we say or how we handle the texting the next day? If the guy was just looking to hook up Saturday then why even bothering to text on Sunday?

Just looking for some possible reasons this happens a lot, or ways to avoid it in the future :)


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  • this question makes me happy for some reason. if u know anything about buisness, then u understand having connections and options can never hurt u. why burn any bridges or any options at all when there is no reason too? so i mean u may not be his top choice if he does not continue to persue u but he is keeping as option

    • Hahahaha I actually have a degree in business- so that explanation really does make a lot of sense.

    • well wen i said buisness it was used as a nice term for "common sense". so ur right out of college? mind telling me what social scene is like from ur perspective?

    • No, I would say the most 'common sense' answer would be that he just lost interest or that the girl didn't do anything to keep his interest. The idea that he's taking it beyond Saturday and talking on Sunday just to make her an option or give himself the option, has more forethought than just 'common sense'.

      I graduated about two years ago actually. I think the whole dating scene for my generation and for people in their 20s right now is very dismal. In the past there has been a much more defined timeline, more defined statuses. You were either single or taken. Now we're trying to have fun and there's not as much pressure to get married, but that means more of us are at loose ends and don't know what to do next. There are so many more types of relationships now - fwb, just sleeping together, 'talking', dating but not exclusive etc etc it's just that much harder to find someone who wants what you want.

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