If a guy asks for space... What's the best thing to do?

Been dating for a year and a half. Spent basically everyday of the year together. So he said he needs some space to catch up with friends and stuff. We were never on and off. Solid year and a half. I trust him,

My questions are, so if a guy asks for space and you keep texting him or trying to talk to them do you think that will push the boy away? Or do they like when girls keep showing that they're there? Or should I give him space and let him realize he misses me and needs me and likes being with me?

I don't know I'm confused and anything will help :(


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  • Give him some space. He just wants to do guy stuff for a while. If you are as solid as you say then he isn't chasing after some other girl, he just wants to feel free to do what he wants to do. If you support him on this he will really appreciate it. Also, you can use that same time to do whatever it is you and your girlfriends like to do. People in relationships need an escape. Usually it is agreed that one day a week you can do whatever you want with your friends and stay out way late.


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  • Give him space? Some guys , like me, dont like talking about it through text or through phone. Only in real, maybe, then we will be able to talk to that person about the problem or whatever.


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  • Maybe tone it down a bit. That means, tone down everything. Like you said, maybe it will make him miss you.