Should I be worried he's losing interest?

The guy I'm talking to is over in Afghanistan. He left in March, and we've been talking almost every day since, but the last 2 weeks we have barely talked. I know he is busy and working and loses internet occasionally, but I'm getting concerned =\ He hasn't been messaging me when he wakes up anymore, we'll go a full day or more without talking, or we won't talk until late at night. I don't want to message him first because I feel like he hasn't wanted to talk and if he did he would message me!


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  • So, your concern is him not texting you when he wakes up; although he is in Afghanistan, in dangerous situations, and worrying about his life and fellow comrades? We do talk at night, but that is not enough for you.

    Wow.., we you are in this type of situation you have to be mentally strong and it seems you are lacking in that department

    • That's not what I'm saying. You're taking one part of what I said and twisting. I don't even think you read or tried to comprehend what I wrote. Take your judgments elsewhere.

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    • I also said we've talked almost every day until recently. (1) I am worried about him and I ask how work is going, what's happening, and if he is safe (2) I also said "I know he is busy and working and loses internet occasionally" but since we have never gone without talking it's a little disconcerting. If your opinion or advice or whatever you want to call it is "that he doesn't have the time" then next time just say that instead of being rude and sarcastic.

    • Yea, you are correct. I was rude and sarcastic, when you are letting your insecurities come into play regarding this situation. You know ALL of what you have stated, and eventhough he contacts you at night, it still does not sooth you. You do realize if he continues to be in the Armed forces, situations like this will continue you to happen, right?