How to transition from "The Talk" back to the date?

Hi ladies,

I'm a guy that needs some advice. I wanna have the "Talk" with the girl I've been seeing for a month. I want keep awkwardness to a minimum for both of us, if I get a response like "I'm not sure yet" or something ambiguous then how do I transition from that and then resume the date? Or is the "the Talk" something you do towards the end of the date so either of you can hit the road if it gets awkward or messy?

Thanks in advance!

hey Cutenshy,

Thanks for your advice, it makes a lot of sense.

by the way did your guy ask you via text?


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  • i would save it toward the end of the date, esp if it's a good one. but act normal! then you can easily transition and say something like "well, that was another good date... we seem to have a lot of those... i was thinking..." and ask her to be exclusive. I just had a similar situation, but told my guy my feelings at the start of the date, because I had already opened up the discussion via a text the night before, so we already had planned to discuss it.


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