He liked me but lost interest and I'm stuck in the past?

He always sat near me, made conversation, touched me often, asked my friends about me, got jealous when I talked to other guys, was very protective, always watched me with a smile, and invited me over often. I liked him so much!
He's very very inexperienced with girls so I thought that it was just gonna take a while for him to act on his feelings. But over a period of a few months he talked to me less and less and stopped flirting and inviting me over. The DAY I planned to tell him how I felt I found out through a friend that he just didn't like me anymore.

I keep replaying all those old memories and wondering what happened. I don't know if I still like him or just the way he made me feel.

We still hang out with mutual friends, and he'll try to start up conversation and I can't even look at him because I liked him SO MUCH and I don't want to fall further. He even flirted with my friend and made the comment "if I liked someone II'd tell you guys. " there's no hope. I tried moving on but I miss him being interested in me. I liked him SO much lol.

What to do to get out of the past?


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  • Maybe because you were confusing to him and since you didn't react, he just detached himself.
    But you have to understand it is not possible to simply call it quits one day and say "huh, i got no feelings for her anymore. i'm free! i feel so good". That's lies. He still likes you, just that he gave up on trying it with you. Guys don't like games. I know i don't.
    Did he tell you he likes you though? OR it was just the flirting?

    You could try and talk to him. But don't do it just because you like the attention. Do it if you like HIM. it's a completely different thing.

    • It's not the attention I'm after by any means. I had very strong feelings for him.
      I'm certain he liked me because his friends said he did and he acted like it too. I just got so crushed when his friend said he lost feelings for me and now when I see him I feel hurt and foolish all over again.
      He acts like a complete idiot now when he's around me so I think he's nervous. I used to know what to say to him but now I don't know how to be normal.

      Do you have any advice?

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    • Let me know what happens :)

    • Oh my gosh Thanks you've helped me see things a lot better! I'll keep ya posted!

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