May December? How to deal with a younger guy?

So Im seeing a guy. Its been 5 weeks. He lives an hour away. We were getting together once every two weeks (or once a week) and have now been intimate...
It seems like he's changed his tune suddenly about what he wants (hooking up vs relationship) and is kinda on fence.. We really like each other thou. HE is 10 years my junior. I've never dated a young guy but we just connected.
I left him on Monday and heard nothing until tonight (thur) Should i return the call? make him sweat? Or just forget about it?


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  • I wouldn't ignore the call. You talk to him about each other wants and if they aren't mutual. YOu both need to part ways

    • Yeah I feel like convo did happen and he seemed aloof so I left his place and didn't contact. Then he says hi. He knows where I stand.

    • Thanks for MH

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  • No man wants to commit to an older woman if that's what you want from him, he just wants to use you for sex until he finds some hot young girl

    • lol. I actually look 25 no one believes I'm older. But if that's what you think.

  • This is for you to decide yourself.

    • I'm sure time will tell

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