Guys: If you are hanging out with someone you're interested in, what do you do differently with her versus someone you only want to sleep with?

I'm trying to determine whether or not this guy is the most patient player in the world or actually interested.


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  • If the difference is between romance and sex? I would treat the one I'm interested in like a princess while the other one is basically just friends with benefits sorta.

    • What would you do for a FOB? Would you ever buy her dinner or want to hang out on your day off? Would you go out of your way just to hang out and talk?

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    • Thanks for the input. I will have to pay closer attention to his actions and take what you said into consideration.

    • No problem, GoodLuck with your adventure:)

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  • both are the same.

    only thing is see how long term he is. and how much chivalry effort he will do for you.
    does he touches you a lot? does he give rude jokes a lot?

    if he is truly interested with you, his inner romance will turn on. guys naturally have an inner romantic program set it. they will change or probably even shy with you.

    if he is completely not shy at all, maybe something is out.

  • In love we are shy and are unable to express feelings confidently.
    In lust we are straight forward , never argue, try to be very touchy, try to talk dirty too early in initial phase of friendship


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