The date them or date them not game?

Mkay! So give a quick description of yourself, and if someone has a description that you like, just comment, date that, if you don't say, date that not.

I'm 5'4, have curly short brown hair. I love reading and playing video games. Im on the chunky side. I have a realy wild laugh. I'm mixed. And um... I have a good sense of humor, but can be rude on accasions.

So yeah, or na?


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  • This could be fun. 6ft 2 and kinda skinnny mtf transexual (pre-op and pre-hormones), enjoys playing video games and reding novels. I like to think i have a good sense of humour but it is dark British humour, some may find offensive. Hair is dark brown and i'm currently growing it out to a nice long length.

  • I'm 5'5" I have blonde hair and blue eyes a little overweight but trying to lose it. I'm really shy, I play the piano, and really like music.