What guy means 'you can have close friends as family'?

we date with several times, his friends used to ask him our relationship, he told them we are just friends now.
one day after I complained with him my family, he told me 'you can have close friends as family'
what does he mean, does he just want to be best friends with me?


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  • he means that you're friends can be your family- which is true. and it sounds like he just wants to be friensd.

    • we knew each other on date site, it sounds so weird when we continue dating but he just want to friends although i am ok with that. he did some physical intimacy before, but he told his friends, 'we are just friends now'

    • he just wants to be friends, friends can hang out can't they? i suggest throw him for a loop to see if he really just wants to be friends or not- invite someone else to come with you, so its a group now and for sure not a date.

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