Are boys honest with their friends?

My boyfriend claims to love me. A lot. But last week we had a fight. I was hanging out with his best friend and he left me at his computer with his Facebook on and his chat open. He was chatting to my boyfriend. I know it was bad but I scrolled and read a lot of it.

I found a conversation where they were talking about my boyfriend posibly moving to Canada. His friend said "aw but you don't have a Sarah (my name) in Canada!" and my boyfriend replied "ha, I don't need a Sarah :P"

I'm stuck in a awkward position because I know I wasn't meant to read it.

I just want some perspective. Why would he say that? Is he just angry from our fight? Doesn't he love me? Do I have a right to be mad?


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  • maybe he was just joking.. if you guys had just gotten into an argument he could just be implying something along the lines of hahaaha i don't need a sarah (a girlfriend) - meaning the headache that can sometimes go along with one lol

    Probably didn't mean it offensively. If he didn't love you anymore or didn't want to be with you - most likely he wouldn't. So if he's still with you, enjoys spending time with you, talking to you etc.. then i would think everything is fine.

    My bf jokes about how i bug him. His friends joke about how their gf/ or wives bug them. I joke about how he has some annoying habits.. its what couples do after some time lol doesn't mean you don't love each other. In fact, i know i bug him (distract him when he's working, or disrupt his sleep lol). But its because he loves me and i love him that we deal with these things. If we didn't, he wouldn't deal with me disrupting his sleep and work and i wouldn't deal with some of his bs.

    I don't know how old you are, but you will learn as you grow into more long term relationships these little annoying things or minor arguments or things that you may say to a friends when you are annoyed with your significant other don't really matter. Its just a way to blow off some steam so you don't say something hurtful to the person you care about.


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  • my best friend talks like that about his current girlfriend all the time. i know that he means it. your friend could just have been pissed of though and exaggerated towards his friend... i don´t know him so its hard to tell. could well be, that he didn´t mean it at all.

  • As a Canadian, I can confirm. If he comes here, especially my city, he won't need you. The girls here are hot as fuck.

    To answer your question, he either doesn't love you or was acting tough for his friend.

    • How do you know she is not hotter than them?

    • since he's not in love with the qa. why would he find the qa hot. he lives in Canada where he believes the girls are hotter

    • Always good to know, thank you Sir

  • every couple fights. y'all should make up

    • btw, next time don't go scrolling through shit. i dont go through womens purses, youd feel violated if i did that, right?

    • Yea I know it was wrong. Do you think I should confront him or just leave it be?

  • I'm not honest about girls to my best friends, I couldn't admit loving someone cause they'd laugh, it's a cruel world


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