I feel like he's pulling back?

I've been seeing a guy for a month and it was great. We were going out twice every week, we would text often and he would reply fairly quickly and I even met his close friends last week (just before our one month). But ever since I've met his friends we only saw each other once a week and this will be the second weekend where we won't be seeing each other. Also, he takes a while to reply to my texts and even leaves me hanging when I ask him questions.

Has he already lost interest or does he feel like he doesn't have to put in any effort anymore? And yes, we have slept together.


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  • When have you slept with him? How many times and how often? Do you suspect his friends made his mind about you?

    Either:he lost interest in you in something you have done to him but you haven`t realized it yet. And then this made a bad impression of yourself to him, so he decides you are not worth to be your girlfriend.
    Or: he found out another girl who turned to be the 1st in his list, and you were downgraded.

    • We slept together on week 3 and again on week 4. I asked him what his friends thought of me and he said they thought I was nice and that they would like to spend more time with me to get to know me better. I was invited over for game night so we spent most of our time playing.

    • You want him as your boyfriend? How close and how many of his friends you became close? Do you know his historical with girls?

    • That`s why this anon is so much innocent. Sex has a lot to do with this. There are men that is only after sex partners, so they will not value you that much. As soon they find a "better" mate they will downgrade you as a "substitute".I bet if you give him space, he will not get after you unless he lost his 1st option. That`s how average man`s mind works, whether you like or not.

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  • Sleeping together has nothing to do with anything. If a guy likes you, he's going to like you regardless of sex. If a guy doesn't like you, he's not going to like you regardless of sex.

    Now, it's normal for a relationship to slow down after the honeymoon phase. That could be the reason.

    Or maybe he's been very busy lately and hasn't had time.

    Or maybe he's taking some time to really think about where this is going.

    Or he's losing interest.

    Or it could be a million other reasons that have nothing to do with you.

    It's human nature to jump to the worst case scenario, but until you hear it from him, you won't know the truth.

    Do you ask him to hang out or are you always waiting for him to ask you out? Why not plan something fun for the two of you?

    • I considered the fact that the honeymoon phase might be over. But after only a month?

      You're right that it could be any one of those things and only he knows the answer. But I'm going to give him space and just let it take its course.

      I usually wait for him to ask me out but this week I initiated it. I also suggested something we could do the following weekend, but we'll see if it happens.

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