Should I text him again or wait?

I know that the 'wait for him ' is the norm but this is a different situation (for me )...

So a couple of weeks ago a guy that I vaguely knew but who remembered my name was getting ready to leave for summer break and like right befor he texted me (which was random) and asked if he could see me.Comes to my dorm and then confesses that he's liked me ;0 like "I just wanted you to know yaddyadayada! everything it was the sweetest thing ever!!

I sort of just like smiled and nodded (because like who is this person? lol) but i thought it was so nice and he asked for me to try to think of him (i couldnt remember his name at first so yeah...) and to keep in contact and I said sure

So here's the thing, I have texted him like twice both times initiating the convo. like I don't know why but i have the urge to text him within 7 day intervals xD now, he's at some summer program thing with bros so I don't know i guess he's busy at the moment...but also I know he hesitates to text because he's shy or something (like he had my number at least a month befor he like said he had feelings and he said he'd text me way befor this but like nervously and didn't until after he said he liked me and left the state...)

The first time he was saying he really liked me and i said jokingly he was full of 'you'know'what' with the pickuplines and then he started saying in detail why he liked, and we should get to know each other over the summer as to not waste time and when we get back (to school)... (btw is he saying he wants to F***? haha )

so, should i text him? i mean we text about really general things i guess and he'slike can i ask you private question? then he was like how many bfs have you had?

he said he just wanted to get to know me. I think that has nothing to do with my personality.i told him like 3 almost but the truth is I've had no like legit bf. 1 that was close...

In he for real? does he just wanna hit and run?

And should I text him?


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  • 1. Don't start off by lying "3 boyfriends" it only leads to more lies. (Guy's find little experience attractive and innocent sometimes. Makes them feel like a first and only)

    2. As a shy person and also someone who feels like I need to be needed in order to talk to or converse with someone. I have to be approached first. (I was dating someone for months and knowing them for years and only called them 1st about 10 times in total)

    3. If he's with bro's expect little to no responses. Constantly bothering him would only annoy him.

    4. If you want to test and see if "hes really that into you" Just wait a week and see if he text's you first. (If he doesn't then maybe he changed his mind or he wasn't that interested in the first place)

    5. Never assume. Guys can be flippy floppy emotions can change in an instant no matter how long you've known them and sometimes they don't realize those "sweet nothings" can be a whole lot of somethings to us girls.


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