He's been sick - is it the fade? If not, how do I let him know that I miss him and would like to hang out when he feels better?

I started seeing a guy about a little over a month ago. We clicked instantly and started seeing each other at least twice a week after our second date and texting each other about every other day. He's talked about how quickly things had moved and mentioned that he was glad that our chemistry was so good. We've had disagreements over how blunt I can be, but while talking it over, he expressed that he felt more upset by it than he would have otherwise because he liked me.

While neither of us are quite sure of how much we want to get into a serious relationship, we actually act very couple-y and have established that we were exclusive. Eventually he invited me to his company party and introduced me to his coworkers and one of his close friends.

The weekend after the party, I texted him to hang out that Thursday (the first time I ever asked to hang out), which he agreed to. On Wednesday, I asked him how his week was going and he said that he hadn't been feeling well and was sick in bed for the last few days. Thursday morning, he texts me in the morning after visiting his doctor and cancels because he has strep throat.

I told him that I understood why he had to cancel and to take care of himself. While he's only shown himself to be an honest, straightforward, and good guy during the short time I've known him, I doubted whether he was actually sick - it triggered a lot of my insecurities and I've been wondering if that was the start of him fading out. Since his party, I've been the one to initiate contact and I don't know if it's because he's lost interest or if it's because he's actually sick.

That was last week. He texted me earlier this week and said he was feeling better but we didn't make plans. I want to tell him that I miss him and would like to hang out when he's fully recovered, but I'm really afraid of risking my feelings. What do you think? Is it a fade, and should I just cut the cord myself and move on?


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  • Your over thinking and you answered your own question.

    1. Stop letting your insecurities play mind games with you.
    2. Just text him when you feel comfortable. "Hey. Just wanted to know if your recovering well" (If you feel like it, add) "I miss your company" After he responses with how he's feeling then maybe you can throw in "Well wanna blah blah this weekend" Or "If your feeling up for it maybe we can blah blah"