Seems like a bizarre question, but do I like this guy or not? Will select most helpful.

OK so I met a guy (Aaron) in January. Since then we've been talking, and I just instantly friend zoned him, because he isn't my type.

After a few months of talking, we got close as friends. At the beginning of June I kissed him (drunk) because I was aware he liked me and I wanted to see where things would go.

Since then, we've been seeing each other and I've liked spending time with him. He really likes me and say he's already smitten by me. But I'm not feeling smitten yet?

We're both really different and he is just so far from my type. I'm not physically attracted to him, but we seem to connect well emotionally, mentally and physically regardless.

I'm not sure what to do because when I like a guy I usually get crazy butterflies and really nervous. But Aaron doesn't trigger any of this. I enjoy his company, but at times I tune out because he takes so long to tell a story.

I'm scared because I don't feel the initial lusty way that I probably should. Am I reading too far into this, or could there be something there?


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  • It sounds like you're just two adults gettin' a stew on, man.

  • stop kissing, grow colder and then tell him

    Just tell him the truth, he-s going to end up heartbroken or you in the most awkward realationship which will end eventually I think


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