Is this a nice gesture to a girl you've never physically met or is a bit too much?

Been chatting to a girl for roughly a month, who is from a city I will be moving to in a few months for university.

We have spoken whether by text or over the phone for basically every day through that time (except for a couple days this past week where we have both just been too busy, at least that's the reason for me). I have been for the most part playing it cool and keeping my options open but she definitely seems like a girl I'd love to get to know better.

We were planning on meeting earlier this week, but with us both having pretty busy lives, me in the run up to exams which are next week and a lot of pressure on me through that and her travelling long distances for work we decided it best not to this week.

She will remain for the most part busy for at least another 3 week, whereas my exams finish this week. Though she does get a lot of attention from guys, so I have the feeling if it was left too long, one or the other of us may lose interest. I know full well from past experience what happens when are too forward or push a girl a bit much, so have been trying not to pester her with texts etc while she's working or with friends.

So since knowing roughly what time she will be getting off her train home from work, I am wondering if it would be a nice gesture to surprise her there with flowers or if that is a bit much since we haven't actually met before?


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  • That would be weird.

  • May be a bit much. I personally would get a little scared off if someone I hadn't fully met before suprized me. If it's pre-arranged to mee that (the flowers) would be really nice. Also- don't want to suprize her cuz if she has plans after she gets off the train then she's stuck feeling bad she can't hang out and you feel awkward for standing in a trainstation to give a girl flowers and then not hang out afterwards.

    • Some good points there I hadn't really thought about, thanks. I won't be going through with this then!

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