Does she see me as a friend or is she interested?

im 22 and she is 19 I'm crazy about this girl & this girl is Shy in person around other guys that I have seen she is more talkative with me she is kinda quiet but if I talk she will talk to me anyways i planned a date with this girl on Monday and asked if she was free Friday she told me "maybe I don't know if i work" Cool i texted her Thursday if she had to work and she told me she does. then i said Ahhhh dang lol ok then she told me "i knowww im sorry 😩" then i said it cools lol stuff happens😔. Then she didn't text back her textes came like really fast like seconds after i sent mine but she didn't offer to reschedule a date. she's told me before that she couldn't wait to go and see me soon this would be our first time out alone together but usually this girl doesn't text me or contact me unless i do first i was pretty sure this girl likes me due to the fact she never got creeped out about me calling her my wife and that we would joking get married then after a while as started calling me her hubby but it's only been Twice but i feel like im bugging her casue im always the one texting or contacting her before she texted me first if we were all hanging out still it was a group thing because i was her ride to the movies but other than that its always me she always texts me back. now i can't tell if she likes me or not or even read this girl she use to snapchat me sometimes but now she doesn't even do that anymore she will still view my stories and she screenshotted a shirtless selfie of myself & she still likes my pictures on instagram sometimes how do i find out where i stand with this girl we barley text like 1 time a week should i text her more? i really like this girl but i suck at getting into relationships cause i never been in one is she interested in me?


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  • that sounds exactly like m she may just be busy with work and other stuff just offer it again she may not know if u realy like her or if your just playing around try and ask her out again and see if she gives u more excuses if she does this more than twice either she doesn't like you in that way or she really is super busy and if she accepts then you will most likely realy see the real her when y'all are together alone

    • oh yea and she may realy like you

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    • yea but the same thing has happened to me and i wasn't sure if the guy liked me or not cuz im shy and realy nervous some times and its not bad that thats the only time you text her but you could sometimes text her just to talk and you could sometimes drop subtle hints like ask if she's dating anyone or ask her to describe the type of guys she likes or her perfect guy

    • So how should I proceed without scaring her off? Or ask her if she is seeing anyone lol I know she sick of guys who only want sex or only like girls cause of their body or face and I remember she told me she wished there were more guys like me I'm kinda nervous of texting her this cause won't that make it awkward for her?

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  • It's hard to tell. But if you're gonna ask her out. Ask her what her week is like in regards to her schedule. She'll probably state a day she's got off so you will say

    "Lets meet up for coffee at starbucks at 4pm".

    That was an example but don't ask too much. Know what you're doing and show yourself to know what you are doing. That's to get her out.

    • I'm gonna ask her again what her sheduale is like on Tuesday and hope she's not working I haven't seen her in 3 weeks

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    • Get her alone sometime and tell her you genuinely like her. Don't say love. She may be pressured so you don't know how she'll react.

      Depends. I prefer to not confess my feelings until Im a little sure or don't wanna miss out

    • \will do

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