I'm never going to find my special s.o?

I've been used, lied, abused, cheated, made fun of, betrayed, rejected by guys.
Most of them have broken up with me.
Been over 2 years of single life and nothing. Been on dating sites but they come and go. Never stable.
I'm thinking I'll never find a guy till the point have been thinking of dating girls.
Yea... that's how desperate I am.
Girls treat me better and are more open to feelings. I'm starting to think guys aren't for me. Advice?


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  • I don't think the right way of thinking is: "guys treat me bad so I'll just start dating girls". It's how your feelings develop, you can't choose who you fall in love with.
    I think the best part is not to focus on it. Just try to meet new people, enjoy your single life. I've been single for two years too, I've had my share of crappy relationships but I'm enjoying my life. I have a nice job, great friends, family, ...enough to do. Would it be nice to have a boyfriend? Yes, I think it would. But apparently it's not my time yet. That's just my way of thinking.


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  • "I'm never going to find my special s.o?"

    That's what I thought, then I was proven wrong at the age of 20.

    You should properly get to know a person first, and be in a relationship with only someone you can trust. Just because people you've known previously were a-holes it doesn't mean that generalization of an entire gender is warranted. No one is the same, and there are nice people and assholes among everyone, and every sex.


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  • I've been abused, cheated on and lied to as well. I was also single for 2 years which was my choice. I never did have a problem with getting a bf it's just the fact I was tired oof getting hurt. I am now in a relationship and we have been together for almost 10 months. I'm happy with him and am glad I decided to take the chance and date him. I was worried at first since I haven't been in one for awhile. And I was scared I'd get hurt. Which it still runs through my mind because I'm afraid of losing him. I have trust issues and I'm insecure which I am working at overcoming. It's mainly because of guys in my past. But keep your head up and know you will find a guy one of these days. Most the time it comes unexpected. That's how it was with me anyways.