Do you believe in what goes around comes back around?

My life is totally screwed. People wanted to see me in jail, get laughed at, get beaten and they made it happen while they laughed. His mom is forcing trial on me because she work for the state. Everybody laughed at me when I was going to jail including her. She did all of this for the girl he called sugarmama. I got kicked out of nursing school. He falsified documents to send her to jail. I'm losing everything in life right now because of his mama. everybody happy bad things are happening. I'm not doing anything wrong. I was even wrongfully jailed because of her I have to prosecute her Monday


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  • I can hope for Justice on your behalf.

    • Thanks his mama and that hoe that was staying with him and others wanted to see bad things happen to me. now he's lying on documents saying I was his girlfriend, I'm not harassing him and etc. the female came to court with his mom and him but she lied on the papers saying I was abusive but she don't know he already did those papers and said I wasn't. They couldn't serve me that's how he got those papers. he isn't talking to me now :(

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    • No that harassment charge is on me until August

    • You should countersue for hardship as you don't get a refund when expelled.

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  • yeah i truly believe in it babe my ex cheated on me with a bitchy "friend" and when he realized that i was aware of it..i immediately dumped him like shit..but shortly afterwards the bithy girl kept on cheating on him...and since last year he tries to get back into contact with me , he says he wanna get back with me but everytime i kept on blocking his number..good for him!!! have trust in divine innocent should not pay for something she isn't responsible

    • Sorry I didn't mean to down arrow I was trying to comment. but me and him ain't talking due to the protective custody against him and me. His mom came to court with him and she talked more than him but don't realize about the other documents he filed were fake. Every court date he has missed. That girl that was staying with him deployed she wanted this to happened and she pushed and pushed for it. He wouldn't do it so she got his mama involved before she left. I even got kicked out of nursing school for this. She had a order of protection of no contact request signed early without seeing the judge. his friends say I'm a stalker but he's lying to them and everybody else. he call all of this bullshit. I'm losing everything I have. he's 23. He won't call the police or anything on me.

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    • this case seems like a trap

    • he gave the sugarmama the coversheet only and dumbass filled it out. she said I got a history of violence. he already filled those out and said I'm not violent at all. He showed no history of the text messages or pictures. The mom is showing everything. She took him to the police station with the girl. He filed false a false affidavit. He put a false phone number. He lied like he called the police. He never did. When the mom came to my house talking about I had a warrant and arguing with me, he was at work. He came at the end. if I hacked his facebook, he would not have waited until she deployed to get one. he went 6 months without a Facebook

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