Girls have you ever dated a shy guy who 'Stalked' you initially?

Have you ever dated a shy guy who kept trying to run into you but was too shy to talk in the first instance?

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What did he do? Was it creepy


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  • Oh goodness no. I had a legit stalker once. He knew where I lived, would always sit next to me in all my freaking classes at school! Text me freaking constantly. Found all my internet pages.

    I still see him and I hate that boy! >:( If I had to go on a date with him I'll cut my arm off first! He did ask me out but I always "politely" declined.

    Sorry for going on a rampage. XD I just remembered this dumb guy when you mentioned stalker. >.<

    • Terribly sorry, have MH by way of an apology

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  • Nope for some reason I scare shy guys away.

  • It wasn't really stalking but he followed me a bit before we talked. I wasn't too bothered by it.

    • I am crushing on an acquaintance who i know through her father. I've never spoken to her but we know each others names etc. I have been trying to run into her for the last couple of months on and off. She tried to talk a few times but i just clam up around her and lately she hasn't tried to talk but still waves back to me from her car everytime. I don't know what to do in this situation...

      I think I may have come across as creepy because I when I go to town now I park in the same lot as her in the hope of running into her. She's seen me there several times she and kind of watched me wondering why I am there but I am way too shy to approach her...
      The other week my car broke down on the way home from work she slowed to a crawl rolled down her window, smiled and asked if I was OK, I went red mumbled yes and she carried on driving. I hope I haven't killed my chances.

  • i dont date my stalkers


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