Troubled girl seemed to like me, but now I dont know..?

I'm a student who has gotten to know and like a girl who lives in my hometown. I have only met her once and that did not go so well due to friends of mine not beeing to friendly towards her, so she left and sent me a sms telling me why.
I said i was sorry about this and that we should see eachother again, to which she replied "absolutely <3". This was before i moved away.

We kept contact over the web and she has told me all about her problems with drinking and mental health issues. This would normally send me running, but for some reason i really like this girl.
I guess i handled that pretty well seing as she said she had never told anyone else about this, and that i made her "so happy" and shed tears of joy.

We often give eachother complements like saying that the other is pretty, beatuful and kind. She keeps asking me when i'm coming home and saying that we should meet again. (This happens a lot) Obviously i have gotten the impression that she likes me too, but she very recently asked me about other girls, and if i had anything going for me. I said i didn't, and that i am spending my days reading for exams. Then i asked her the same question and she said it wasn't going so well. She has guys who are into her but she doesn't like them back.

I'm moving to my hometown right after school's out which is very soon.
I imagined we would start up something, but now i don't know. What do you guys think? Is she only looking for a friend or do i have a shot?

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  • She's interested. You could be her "Knight and shining armor" Maybe help her with her issues and build a great relationship right a long with it. Seeing that you care about her enough to aside she has prob makes her trust you (DONT BREAK THAT) and also if you start helping her with this it will make her feel like you truthfully care. SO hey you have a great platform with this girl. Use it.

    • That's exactly what i thought but she asked me right after i said she was pretty, and she did it just like a male friend would. It was like she realized i like her and this was her way of telling me she isn't up for it..

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    • Thank you for your input! That is what i meant. For future referance, don't do that. It totally gives out the wrong signal. Even if he is interested in other girls, he most likely won't tell you that. (If he is into you, that is)

    • Lol. I see. Thanks and Your welcome :D

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