Girls If a guy you hadn't seen in years asked you out?

Let's say you knew from school, but you hadn't seen him in a couple of years, and You saw him and he asked you out? Would you find it weird? random? or would you prefer him to ask you out for coffee?


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  • Asked you out as in "Going on a date" ?

    Assuming you meant going on a date that is not weird at all. Obviously he didn't have the sack to approach you in school or maybe something about you catches his eye now. It's been "Years"

    I'm pretty sure he didn't ask you out just because though.

    (That's a great question to ask him on the date. What made him want to ask you out)

    Good Luck.

    • ok so if he asked you out to be his girlfriend you would find it weird?

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    • Look I'm male your answers are basically implying that I'm female when I'm not.

    • Oh oops. Regardless of your gender. ITS AWKWARD.

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  • My ex boyfriend did this it had been 5yrs since I had seen or heard from him and out of the blue on day he messaged me on fb and we started texting all day that day he called me that night and hung out we were together for 10months and still talk and text everyday and c each other every few days no I dont find it weird but it makes me wonder y after all that time he wanted to hang out

  • it would be random cause what makes him think im even available? most people move on we are not sitting around waiting for u. this girl probably is with a better man now. you had the chance and you blew it.


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